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Switlik Coastal Life Rafts from Avalon Rafts

Switlik Marine - Life Rafts and Man Overboard Survival Solutions

Avalon Rafts is an authorized sales and service center of Switlik coastal life rafts and marine safety equipment. Please review this information then call to talk with one of our marine and aviation safety experts.

Switlik Products Featured on this page: CPR | MRP-10



CPR Switlik
Quality materials
superior construction

SWITLIK’s CPR is designed to be a high quality, light weight, best in class coastal life raft, with a convertible canopy system, large, fast deploying water ballast bags and heat sealed construction. The CPR provides 1,140 lbs of inflated buoyancy and 19.6 sq. ft of floor area and offers excellent ventilation as well as total protection from the elements.

Swiitlik CPR

Board without trouble

Boarding a life raft can feel daunting. The CPR makes it as easy as possible with four (4) boarding stations. The CPR comes standard with four (4) wide, stiffened rung ladders that make it easy for someone to climb over a single tube.

CPR fluid water entry

CPR Fire Switlik
When there’s a need for speed

The SWITLIK signature convertible canopy feature also allows passengers from any generation to quickly get off your vessel and safely into the raft. Multiple entry points reduce the need for anyone to get in the water.

CPR Compact Case - SwitlikLightweight and compact case.

The raft that fits anywhere can be launched by anyone. The raft is vacuum sealed inside either a soft valise or hard fiberglass container. The soft valise is 21” (L) x 13” (W) x 10”(H) with a weight of 39lbs. The Hard Container is 24-1/2” (L) x 13” (W) x 13” (H) with a weight of 46lbs. Both options can be stored easily on any boat, and can be deployed by anyone on board.

Switlik CPR 5 year service interval
5 Year Service Interval.

Unlike any other raft on the market, the CPR’s soft valise and hard container options each have a first of its kind 5 year service interval. This extended service interval helps to reduce the overall cost of life raft ownership. SWITLIK accomplished this in a responsible manner through the combined use of our patented and military proven hermetically sealed packaging system and compressed air inflation. This better protects the raft’s materials and provides excellent cold weather inflation performance versus traditional CO2 inflation systems.

Switlik CPR charge air inflation systemBe confident your raft is ready.

With SWITLIK’s air charge inflation system, there is now a visible “go/no go” pressure gauge that lets you know your raft is ready to deploy. Time sensitive survival equipment is packed in an external pocket allowing for updating without the cost of servicing the actual life raft.



MRP 10 Switlik
Marine Rescue Platform®
Quickly deployed, easy to board.

switlik mrp 10 overview

Switlik MRP 10 small pack

Switlik MRP 10 PatchCompact, and durable
Simplifying SAR.

The MRP-10 is a breakthrough for professional Search & Rescue teams. The MRP-10 is the finest choice to help save large groups of people, quickly. All Title 14 CFR part 139 certified airports wanting to comply with the equipment requirement in the FAA 150/5210-13C water rescue circular can now do so with the Switlik MRP-10.
Switlik MRP 10 Features

Dual chamber
100% reversible

The MRP-10 is 100% reversible allowing large groups to simple board the unit no matter which way it inflates. This is very important when you’re trying to quickly climb aboard the raft.

Seating for 10
with easy entry.

MRP 10 Tube - SwitlikThe Air Charge inflated platform provides provides over 1300 pounds of inflated buoyancy through its 12 inch diameter tubes and heat sealed floor providing flotation for 10 people. Multiple boarding straps surround the MRP-10. Along with its relatively low profile, and sturdy buoyancy tube, it is easy for any sized person to get up and out of the water.

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