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Switlik Search and Rescue Products from Avalon Rafts

Switlik Marine - Life Rafts and Man Overboard Survival Solutions

Avalon Rafts is an authorized sales and service center for Switlik marine and aviation search and rescue safety products. We specialize in Switlik Man Overboard Modules, Life Vests and Coastal, Offshore and Aviation marine safety equipment.

Switlik Products Featured on this page: MRP-10 | U-ZIP-IT

Switlik MRP-10 rescue

Marine Rescue Platform

The MRP-10 is a breakthrough for professional Search & Rescue teams. The MRP-10 is the finest choice to help save large groups of people, quickly. All Title 14 CFR part 139 certified airports wanting to comply with the equipment requirement in the FAA 150/5210-13C water rescue circular can now do so with the Switlik MRP-10.

NEW! For both the soft valise and hard container options, the Switlik MRP-10 will now carry a 5 year service interval. In addition, the valise design has been updated for the new pack and is now a round pack.

Switlik MRP-10 specificationsSwitlik's first of its kind extended service offering is accomplished in a responsible manner through the combined use of SWITLIK’s patented, US military service tested and proven, reduced volume hermetically sealed packaging system and compressed air-charged inflation system with a visible “Go/No Go” pressure gauge. The gauge is positioned to be easily visible through a viewing window in either the soft valise or the hard container.

Quick flotation
for everyone aboard

Switlik MRP-10 Inflatable Marine Rescue Platform
The Switlik MRP-10 Inflatable Marine Rescue Platform is the rescue tool of choice by search and rescue teams and first responders around the world. The quickly deployed and easy to board MRP-10, aids in getting large groups of distressed victims safe and up out of the water.

Seating for ten
with easy entry

MRP-10 seating
The CO2 inflated platform provides provides over 1300 pounds of inflated buoyancy through its 12 inch diameter tubes and heat sealed floor providing flotation for 10 people. Multiple boarding straps surround the MRP-10. Along with its relatively low profile, and sturdy buoyancy tube, it is easy for any sized person to get up and out of the water.

With a pack this small, bring more to safety

Switlik MRP-10 with 5 Year Service Interval

The MRP-10 boasts a small and lightweight pack size, with a weight of around 34 lbs. It's lightweight, compact storage size makes it the best option for even the smallest airports wanting to add water rescue capability to their ARFF (Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting) operations. 

Dual chamber, 100% reversible.
MRP-10 switlik
The MRP-10 is 100% reversible allowing large groups to simple board the unit no matter which way it inflates. This is very important when you’re trying to quickly climb aboard the raft. 

Switlik U zip it suitU-ZIP-IT™

The Anti-exposure dry suit you can wear all day long

"The U-Zip-It™ is a breathable, fire resistant dry suit which provides ultimate comfort and mobility for aviators, along with the highest level of cold water immersion protection. The low slung zipper makes donning easier than standard designs and the articulating elbow and knee patches significantly improves movement – in and out of the aircraft." - Vertical Mag.

Simple Donning - The dry suit you can easily put on yourself
U zip it dry suit

internal suspenders system

Internal suspender system allows you to remove the torso section of the suit whether standing by in the ready room or inside the (cockpit) flight deck. 

 U zip it suspenders When fully zipped the X_Back suspenders allow the suit to move with your body without sagging or binding. The innovative side bridle system allows the suspenders to remain on while lowering the bottom half far enough to use the head. 
The most comfortable dry suit, ever.
It's all about the zipper

U zip it zipper
The unique U-Zip-It™ low slung entry zipper design provides ease of donning, unassisted zipper closure, enhanced comfort, and freedom of movement. In dry-suits, the zipper placement dictates comfort. The design of the U-ZIP-IT™ dry-suit was based around allowing the user to make any necessary movement with zero interference with the zipper, creating the most comfortable dry-suit. 
Provides you with full mobility, because you need it.
u zip it mobility 
The U-Zip-It's articulated knee, seat and elbows are constructed of highly abrasion resistant, heavy duty Nomex®/Kevlar® ripstop fabric providing endless mobility and durability during the most challenging of tasks.
A perfect fit keeps you comfortable all day
Comfort fit dry suit
Each suit is custom tailored to fit you perfectly. This includes measurements of chest size, hip, sitting inseam, sleeve length, and neck size. Following our simple measuring instructions we are able to reproduce a fully customized suit. In addition each suit comes with installed CWU-75P stretch PTFE breathable laminate socks that keep your feet dry and are easy to slip into any footwear. 

Switlik YouTube U-Zip-It
Click image to see U-Zip-It Suit in action

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